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Secrets & Mysteries of the Sephardim

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The book «Secrets and Mysteries of the Sephardim» focuses on events on the Iberian Peninsula in the 15th century.
It is based on historical facts about the lives of the Portuguese and Spanish monarchs. These facts are partially or fully opposite to the legends created by the monarchs and political figures of the Holy Roman Empire. It is also based on the archival data of papal bulls found in the Vatican Apostolic library and many other archival sources. This research and Columbus’s writing style questioned Columbus’s Italian origins and revealed his Portuguese-Sephardic origin. It also proves that Columbus’ birthplace was not Italy or Spain but Portugal. Another mystery is where the name Columbus originated. There were many cases in history where people took the surnames of those who influenced their lives significantly. In the opinion of this book’s author, Columbus might have taken the name of a person whose identity he could not reveal because of sensitive circumstances.

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